J-Byrd Reunites with his Brothers   no comments

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Here’s photo of J Byrd and all of his brothers. His brother Joe (2nd from left) is in the Army.


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Help J-Byrd Out! Fan Financing for Musicians (Crowdfunding)   no comments

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Click on earlyshares sign up and pledge some money towards it to get it jump started no money is due till all money is raised and when that’s done Spencer we can arrange to give yours back or not accept yours at all. Please send to some friends for the raise. Very important to get a video look for the hip hop song.

Visit https://www.earlyshares.com/projects_music/jbyrd to help and receive rewards!

J-Byrd from EarlyShares on Vimeo.



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J-Byrd’s Dad with the legendary ZZ Top!   no comments

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JByrd's Dad with ZZ Top

Even though Sam has converted his Dad to hip hop, Dad still loves his Rock n Roll. (Sam’s Dad, 2nd from left, attended a private concert with the legendary rock band ZZ Top in Las Vegas last month.)

Written by Zodiac on April 30th, 2014

J-Byrd Meets with Jermaine Dupri   no comments

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Something is going down in Atlanta…but what? We shall find out soon enough. For now, check out photos of J-Byrd with hip-hop producer, Jermaine Dupri.


Jermaine Dupri and J Byrd

Jermain Dupri, J Byrd, and DJ Hurricane

Jermaine Dupri, J Byrd, and DJ Hurricane

Written by Zodiac on January 21st, 2014

“I’m Dope” Music Video   no comments

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J Byrd comes out with another banger for you called “I’m Dope”

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J Byrd aka Sam U EL – “Dam Rite”   no comments

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Click and watch the video for J Byrd’s “Dam Rite”!

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Sam aka J Byrd Shows Off on the Disney Channel   no comments

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Check out J Byrd on the Disney Channel – “Make Your Mark”

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Fastlane Freestyle   no comments

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In case you missed it, check out the “Fastlane Freestyle” music video by J Byrd!

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